45 sedum shadows thinking away

Sedum Shadows

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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Ray Parker: organ
Ken Lavallet: guitar
Ian Waddel: drums
Bill Briggs: bass

hi Ray, any chance you could help fill in some gaps here? do you know the names of all the band members and what they played? what year did you get together? how did you get together ? where were you guys from? did you play any shows? how long did you stay together? what year was the single cut? do you know where the other band members ended up? any other info you could help me with? thanks kindly,
Robert Williston


As I mentioned yesterday I was pretty young when all this was going down. I'll give you what information I can remember.

I'm guessing the year was 1969 'cause I played with Cargo for a short time after that then left for Berlekee in Boston in 1970 to 1972. Ian and Ken were high school buddies living up the street from me. Was friends with Merv Buchanan at the time. These 2 tunes came about because Quality records at the time was looking for a Canadian answer to Booker T who had some major hits around that time. Haven't heard or seen any of these guys since 1970 when I left for Boston. Ian went to U of T to study engineering and Ken I believe took over his father's printing business. As far as gigs go I think we ended up playing a total of 3 gigs......a wedding, a church function, and a dance in Burnt River at the town hall.

I went to West Hill High and then Laurier High. Ken and Ian went to Laurier, and Bill was from Highland creek area. I think the area that Ken, Ian and I were from was called Guildwood Village in the east end of Scarborough.
-Ray Parker



45 sedum shadows thinking away

Sedum Shadows


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