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Secret V's

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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Secret V’s were a Vancouver punk rock band from early ’79 to the early 80’s. Richard Fuller and Bruce Archibald founded the band while they were students at Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver. They recorded two EP's. The first EP had Bruce Archibald, Ray Tremblay, Ken Jones, and Richard Fuller. Richard Fuller left the band and was replaced by Naomi Moriyam. With Naomi on board, the band recorded their second EP, "No Life Like It", which included "Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold", which is one of the top 1000 Canadian songs of all-time.

"Waiting For The Drugs to Take Hold became the signature tune for vocalist/songwriter Bruce Archibald. Even though the Secret V's have long passed away, this well-crafted pop song has become a Vancouver classic.

Shortly after this EP appeared, the Secret V's broke up. Bruce Archibald embarked on a solo career, continuing to perform live and write great songs. Bassist Ray Tremblay went on to form his rockabilly outfit "Ray Condo and His Hard Rock Goners".

Although the Secret V's perhaps aren't remembered as well as some other early Vancouver groups of this era, they're proof that a good song stands the test of time."
-Last Call Compilation booklet notes

Bruce Archibald (aka Lister Travis): vocals
Richard Fuller: guitar
Ray Tremblay (aka Radial, Ray Condo): bass, backing vocals (Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners, The Ricochets)
Naomi Moriyama: guitar, vocals, organ (replaced Richard Fuller)
Ken Jones: drums



R 3188068 1337996548 2797.jpeg

Secret V's


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