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Oxley, Karen

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Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Karen Frances Oxley was born in Halifax, N.S. on 20 May 1946, daughter of accountant Charles Donald and Helen Mary (Jakeman) Oxley, piano teacher. She joined the Jubilee Singers in 1962 and later became a soloist, chorus leader, and sound consultant on Singalong Jubilee. She appeared regularly on CBHT Music Hop - Frank's Bandstand (1964-1967), Let's Go (1967-1968), and Countrytime, (1970-1973) and was a member of the musical group, The Dropouts. She recorded a number of commercial records, including Plain Old Three Chord Hurtin' Country Songs and Singalong Jubilee, both produced by RCA Camden in 1972. She married musician Jack Lilly in 1966, and her second husband, musician and sound technician Grant Kennedy, in 1980. Oxley's career was cut short by multiple sclerosis and she died in Halifax on 20 October 1992.



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