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Poppy Family - Poppy Seeds

Format: LP
Label: London PS 599
Year: 1971
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: pop, rock, country
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Pop, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
No Good to Cry
Good Friends?
I Started Loving You Again
I'll See You There
I Was Wondering

Side 2

Track Name
Where Evil Grows
Living Too Close to the Ground
Someone Must Have Jumped
So Used to Loving You
Remember the Rain
Winter Milk


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Poppy Family - Poppy Seeds

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Poppy Family - Poppy Seeds

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Poppy Family - Poppy Seeds

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Poppy Seeds


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Susan Jacks' voice became highly recognizable when "Which Way You Goin' Billy" climbed the charts in 1970, and her husband hit number one in 1974 after they divorced with a remake of a song once performed by the Kingston Trio, "Seasons in the Sun." Poppy Seeds from the Poppy Family is an album of lightweight pop music from happier times, and has its moments. Of the 12 tunes here, half are written by Terry Jacks, and though the outside material consists of outstanding choices, this album's best moments are when Susan Jacks interprets husband/producer Terry's compositions. "I'll See You There" is interesting pop, somewhat innovative for the day, and if the group hadn't been known for the 1970 hit which was borderline bubblegum, "I'll See You There" would've been a candidate for FM airplay. "I Was Wondering" is a very strong Terry Jacks ballad and "Tryin'" is perhaps the best performance on the album, Susan Jacks showing herself to be very comfortable with country music.

Susan Jacks: vocals
Terry Jacks: vocals

Producer and arranged by Terry Jacks
Engineered by Rolly Newton and Si Garber
Mixed by Michel Lachance


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