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Gainsborough Gallery - Life is a Song

Format: LP
Label: Reo RLPS 703
Year: 1970
Origin: Calgary, Alberta, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, psych
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Alberta


Side 1

Track Name
House On Soul Hill
I Need Someone
Thank You, Girl
Light in the Window
Dreams In a Boxcar
Turn Around And Love You

Side 2

Track Name
Life Is a Song
Hello L.A. - Bye Bye Birmingham
It’s Growing
If She Don’t Turn Your Head
I Think I’ll Catch a Bus
Get Ready


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Gainsborough Gallery - Life is a Song

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Gainsborough Gallery - Life is a Song

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Life is a Song


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The Gainsborough Gallery formed in Calgary, Alberta Canada in late 1964 as The Skeptics. Dennis Paul (Planidin) who had previously been with Wes Dakus' Rebels, and Mel Degan (previously with "Priviledge") came down from Edmonton & joined in 1966 and the group became "The Gainsborough Gallery". The name was keyboardist Tim McHugh's idea, after the "Gainsborough (Art) Gallery" in Calgary where the group had their fan mail directed to for pick up.

The group had done their first recordings at the small "Porter's" recording studio in Las Vegas, NV. The studio actually had a 5 minute recording charge "break" because it was located beside a train track and in the middle of recording sessions, would have to stop for 5 minutes as the train would pass by...after that, the clock was back on.

Since that venture brought them no luck, they decided to try Norman Petty Studios in Clovis, NM since Dennis Paul and Wes Dakus had recorded there before. In 1969 the group went there to record a full length album. "Life Is A Song" was released on Petty's Evolution label in December 1969, the title track written by George Tomsco of "The Fireballs". Tomsco came in with acoustic guitar, pitched them the song & they agreed to do a quick few takes of it yet that day. Interesting note is that Petty always tried to do something unique with songs, and in this case - the trumpet part was a young Mexican boy that they basically dragged off the street, who couldn't play overly well & they overdubbed his lead trumpet part for a "dual effect". "Life Is A Song" became their biggest hit, peaking at #54 on January 24th of 1970,and stayed on the Canadian music charts for 10 weeks. The album track "Dreams In A Box Car" features Peter Marley on lead vocals.

Another single was released from the Petty session "Ev'ry Man Hears Different Music" which did not appear on the LP. It peaked at #78 on April 11th, 1970 and stayed on the charts for 9 weeks. Frustrated with their lack success, they decided to continue until their contract was up, then disband.

Their last performance together was opening for Canadian group "Lighthouse" at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary in March of 1971. McHugh is still involved with music & producing in Vancouver, BC, Henry Small joined Canadian groups "Small Wonder" & "Prism", Marley, McAndrew & Degan are still in the music industry and reside in Calgary. Dennis Paul is a financial consultant in Arizona.

Henry Small: vocals, violin
Peter Marley: guitar, vocals
Mel Degan: vocals
Dennis Paul: bass
Ray McAndrew: drums
Tim McHugh: keyboards

Produced by Norman Petty
Arranged by Norman Petty Agency, Inc.
Mastered by Gilbert Kong

Cover design by Charles Murphy


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