Doyle, Teresa - Prince Edward Island, Adieu

Format: LP
Label: Bedlam Records TD 1987
Year: 1987
Origin: Belfast, Prince Edward Island
Genre: folk, traditional, celtic
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Celtic traditional, Prince Edward Island, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Crazy Man Michael
Cam Ye O'er Frae France
When Johnny Went Plowin' For Kearon
Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime
Factory Girl
Oh No, Not I

Side 2

Track Name
Tom of Bedlam
Fairest Jenny
Sto Mo Chori
Prince Edward Isle Adieu
Drimindown - Knocknegow #1-#2
O'Halloran Road



Teresa Doyle - Prince Edward Island, Adieu


Prince Edward Island, Adieu


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Teresa Doyle is one of Canada’s foremost Gaelic singers, steeped in the folklore of her native Prince Edward Island. Having spent seven years on the Montreal jazz scene in the eighties, she has trained her voice to go steps beyond the ordinary and it shows on her recorded works. She has been a good-will ambassador for Canada, traveling to Scotland, England, Japan (with the Canadian Embassy) and Mexico. She has performed at Folk Festivals and Jazz Festivals but never strays too very far from the central core of her being: Prince Edward Island.

Teresa Doyle: lead vocal
Richard Chapman: guitar, synthesizer, backup vocals
Jim Stevens: hammered dulcimer, bouzouki, tin whistle
Phillip Raphals: cello
Paul Legrand: fiddle
Karen & Doug Young: backup vocals


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