Cormier, JP - Another Morning

Format: CD
Label: Borealis BCD 004, Flash Publishing FP 002
Year: 1997
Origin: London, Ontario - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦
Genre: folk, celtic
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Celtic traditional, 1990's, Cape Breton, Folk


Track Name
Another Morning
Kelly's Mountain
Highland Dream
The Island
Fiddle Set
You Saw Me
Hell Freezin' Over
Molly May
My Life is Over...Again
The Mathematician - Sleepy Maggie
Long for the Sea
Gilgarry's Glen



JP Cormier - Another Morning


Another Morning


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"Imagine the first class writing abilities of Stan Rogers, James Keelaghan and Dan McKinnon married to a blistering skill on guitar, fiddle and banjo. If the songs don't get you, the solos will...the words and tunes drive their way into your mind, and then Cormier's fingers pick a riff that could make the sun rise in the west...It's an essential for the top ten albums of the year and, at the moment, it's in pole position...Cormier's a storyteller of the first order, with compulsive choruses and each soaring, searing solo cutting in just when you least expect it...He's a wizard with words...If you want a total mindblower, examine the use of words and the sublime music behind the environmental message in 'Hell Freezin' Over'...The whole album is a minefield of instrumental, vocal and lyrical delights. If you make just one serious effort to expand your listening experiences this year, let this be it."
-Mick Tems


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