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Origin: Peterborough, Ontario

Ian Tamblyn began writing songs, short stories and plays at the age of seventeen. Since that time he has recorded thirty-four albums, cassettes, and CDs – all but two on his own label North Track. . Many of his songs have been recorded by other artists and he has received and been nominated for several awards, most recently the Distinguished Alumni Award from Trent University. Since 2006 Ian has conducted numerous songwriting workshops at the Haliburton School for the Arts. In 2010 Ian won the English Songwriter of the Year Award from the Canadian Folk Music Awards for his CD Gyre.

In the past few months Ian has been working on the third part of his four coast project, this one focusing on the Arctic coast. This CD is entitled, Walking the Bones. It was released in June of this year. As well he has been producing an album of songs for Sneezy Waters and that was released in the fall. In the summer of 2011 Ian joined Students on Ice in Iceland and then down the Greenland and Baffin coast. In September Ian was back in the Northwest Passage and Labrador with Adventure Canada in his role as lecturer and guide.

As well Ian has presented two plays this year, both in the community of Wakefield, Quebec. Phoebe- Dew of Lotus Petals, is the second play of the Fallutin trilogy, a satire on the aches and pains of being a bad poet. Dreamwalker , a serious work set in a Catholic disciplinary school was recently presented at the new Wakefield community centre. The played starred six of Wakefield’s fine teenage actors and played to sold out houses.


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