Websites:  http://www.lizsolo.com/lizband.html
Origin: St. John's, Newfoundland

Lizband are a long-standing, four piece alt/punk/rock band hailing from St. John's, Newfoundland.

We play in our hometown of St. John's and tour some of Canada's parts when we can. We participate in other kinds of presentations, creating music for live theatre or dance productions and making what often turn out to be bizarre film and television appearances.

Right now we are working on our DVD Compendium with doc. Sifting through all the posters - man, we have done alot of shows. Hoping to have some kind of presentable format within the year but these things take time. Stay tuned for updates. If you have archival images or footage of the band we would love it if you e-mailed us.

Our latest release is called simply "Lizband". Most recently the song "Drug Problem" was featured in the soundtrack for Justin Simm's film "Down to the Dirt". "Girl Needs Room" was made a part of the soundscore for the the most excellent film "Being 13", by Victoria King, premiered at the St. John's International Film and Video Festival.

We produce and promote live events through our label/production collective - Sniz Wreckerds/Productions and are very proud members of the collective Rock Can Roll Media Collective. Liz, Mike and Marcel also form side projects from time to time - most recently The Black Bags. See also Liz Solo's Myspace for info on Liz's solo projects.






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