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Brown, Leroy - Face To Face

Format: LP
Label: Rhythm Gits LB-101151
Year: 1981
Origin: Kingston, Jamaica - Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: reggae
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Beautiful Black Canadians, 1980's, The Ultimate Jamaica to Ontario Collection, Reggae, Caribbean and African


Side 1

Track Name
Gypsy Girl
Poor Man's Story
Money Barrier

Side 2

Track Name
Around the Clock
Face to Face
Give Me Love
Hard to Live Without Collie


Jepg 2

Brown, Leroy / Face To Face

Jepg 3

Brown, Leroy / Face To Face

Brown  leroy   face to face %284%29

Brown, Leroy / Face To Face

Brown  leroy   face to face %281%29

Face To Face


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Leroy Brown: vocals, guitar, bass, backing vocals
Chinna (Earl) Smith: guitar
Dougie Bryan: guitar
Bingy Bunny: guitar
Robbie Shakespeare: bass
Flaba Holt: bass
Skly Dunbar: drums
Leroy (Horsemouth) Wallace: drums
Stye Scott: drums
Bernie Pitters: percussion, keyboards
Scully: percussion
Ansil Collins: keyboards
Earl (Wire) Lindo: keyboards
Gladdy: keyboards
Keith Sterling: keyboards
Satellite Band: horns
Robbie Shakespeare: bass
Nana McLean: backing vocals
Roy Reynolds: backing vocals
Leroy Gibbon: backing vocals
Carol Brown: backing vocals

John Forbes: all instruments on 'Gypsy Girl'

All songs written by Leroy Brown except 'Gypsy Girl' by Tony Gregory; and 'Face to Face by Leroy Brown and Alton Ellis
All tracks produced by Leroy Brown, Robbie Shakespeare, and Timmie George except 'Gypsy Girl' by Carol Brown and Leroy Brown
Engineered and recorded by: Scientist at Channel One; King Tubby's - Jammy & Tubby at King Tuby's; Errol Brown at Treasure Isle; John Forbes at Masters Workshop; Doug Clement & Bernie Pitters at Comfort Sound; and Sylvan Morris at Harry J
Executive-Producers: Carol Brown, Leroy Brown, Robbie Shakespeare, and Timmy George

Cover concept by Leroy Brown & DaPaige
Photography and graphic layout by DaPaige
Female Model: Pat Holdipp


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