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Sunband - Sunband Unreleased

Format: streaming
Label: Ryder Records
Year: 2024
Origin: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, funk
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Saskatchewan


Track Name
Don't Say I'm wrong
One Step Away
Town Tamer
You’re Mine


Sun band front

Sunband Unreleased


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Feb 2, 2024:
In January of 1975, Sunband entered Tommy Banks Century II Studios in Edmonton to record four new compositions under the direction of recording engineer Les Bateman. Les, affectionately known as "Bates," was a celebrated musician and a world-class studio engineer. His contributions included playing organ with Witness Inc. and constructing some of the largest studios in North America. Bates was recognized as a pioneer facilitating the shift from analog to digital in the music industry. Sadly, Bates passed away last week on January 22, 2024.

Sunband proceeded to present the newly recorded demos to a number of record labels. Eight months after the demos were recorded, A&M Records showed some interest, and sent a letter to the band wishing to arrange for a live viewing. Unfortunately, by that time, the band had started to grow apart. Sunband was also becoming weary of the constant travelling that was mainly limited to the province of Saskatchewan. A growing lack of motivation resulted, and the group disbanded in October of 1975.

Thanks to Craig Jarvis, at Vital Transfers A/V, these previously unreleased tracks were digitized and remastered from original tape recordings and have now finally emerged for the public to hear on Feb 2, 2024, through Wayne Rollack and Robert Williston are now presenting this music for the first time in 49 years since its recording. Notably, these tracks represent the only recordings of Sunband featuring Rod Salloum on keyboards, introducing a fresh dimension and greater sophistication compared to the Warner recordings. Wayne fondly reflects, stating, "Rod is an amazing keyboard player – he could hear anything once and then just play it."
-Robert Williston, Feb 2, 2024

Gerry Bowers: guitar
Brian Will: bass
Wayne Rollack: drums
Rod Salloum: keyboards

Written by Brian Will, Gerry Bowers, Wayne Rollack, and Rod Salloum
Produced by Wes Dakus
Engineered by Les Bateman


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