Halycon 1969 front


Carleton University - Halcyon 1969

Format: LP
Label: Carlton M-725
Year: 1969
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: folk, psych, poetry
Value of Original Title: $500.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Poetry, Plays And Spoken Word, 1960's, Psych


Side 1

Track Name
Track 1 (song)
Track 2 (song)
Track 3 (poetry)
Track 4 (poetry)
Track 5 (poetry)
Track 6 (poetry)
Track 7 (song)
Track 8 (poetry)
Track 9 (poetry)
Track 10 (poetry)
Track 11 (song poetry)
Track 12 (poetry)
Track 13 (song)
Track 14 (poetry)
Track 15 (poetry)
Track 16 (poetry)

Side 2

Track Name
Track 17 (song)
Track 18 (poetry)
Track 19 (poetry)
Track 20 (poetry)
Track 21 (poetry)
Track 22 (poetry)
Track 23 (poetry)
Track 24 (poetry)
Track 25 (song)
Track 26 (poetry)
Track 27 (song)
Track 28 (poetry)


Halycon 1969 back

Halycon 1969 BACK

Halycon 1969 label 01

Halycon 1969 LABEL 01

Halycon 1969 label 02

Halycon 1969 LABEL 02

Halycon 1969 front

Halcyon 1969


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Distributed to Carleton University Alumni, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

‘The Halcyon’ was Carleton University’s literary magazine. For the 1969 edition, a decision was made to scrap the printed magazine in favour of a full length LP instead. The album was conceptualized as an auditory version of the annual journal.

According to a November 22, 1968 edition of University’s newsletter, all poetry readings and songs on this album are the original works of the University’s students and faculty. In the same article, as well as a February 7, 1969 newsletter, 500 copies were slated to be pressed.

Although no song titles or credits were printed anywhere on the album jacket or labels, a review of the album in the March 14, 1969 University newsletter, states that there is an instrumental piece titled “Pastoral for Four Instruments”.


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