45 burgundy   lady blue bw ex lovin' man vinyl 01


Burgundy - Lady Blue b/w Ex-Lovin' Man

Format: 45
Label: Hopi Records PI. 1005
Year: 1973
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room, Rarest Canadian Music


Side 1

Track Name
Lady Blue

Side 2

Track Name
Ex-Lovin' Man


45 burgundy   lady blue bw ex lovin' man vinyl 02

45-Burgundy - Lady Blue bw Ex-Lovin' Man VINYL 02

45 burgundy   lady blue bw ex lovin' man vinyl 01

Lady Blue b/w Ex-Lovin' Man


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"I grabbed my favourite drummer – Craig – and also asked Chuck Mangione’s bass player Alphonso “Slim” Johnson (later of Weather Report) to come to New York for three days which he did. While there we hired Paul Griffith (organ genius with Steely Dan) and proceeded to record. What a band!!! All I can say is to have my songs interpreted by these geniuses was a pure thrill. One single was actually cut “Lady Blue” and it enjoyed some airplay somewhere (I got royalties!). I must say that to have seen Craig in the studios in Manhattan with the likes of Alphonso Johnson and Paul Griffith, he was completely at ease and at home with these great players. They were equally impressed with him."
-Gord Waszek

Co-producing were Waszek and Levine. Due to cost overruns, the album was stopped midway through. Of the four tunes recorded, only one complete song “Lady Blue” was issued. And that was not even under Waszek’s name – rather it was under the non-existent band name Burgundy.

Alphonso “Slim” Johnson: bass
Paul Griffith: organ
Craig Kaleal: drums

Both tracks written by Gord Waszek. Gord played guitar with Leigh Ashford, Abraham's Children, Fludd, Nancy Dolman, and Tobi Lark With Toronto.
Produced by Mike Levine. Mike played and released one single with Terry and the Pyrates in 1968, played with Motherlode (3rd lineup), and played bass and keyboards and was a founding member of Triumph in 1974.
Recorded at Vanguard Studios in New York City, NY, USA


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