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Compilation - Bud Luxford Presents

Label: Grant Records Grant 1
Year: 1981
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock, punk
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, VA VANCOUVER, 1980's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Los Radicos Popularos - Hacienda
Sasquatch - Bloodsucker Baby
Melody Pimps - Kiss of Death
Jimbo And The Lizard Kings - Coming For You, Little Girl
Raisinettes - You Can't Hurry Love
Snuggle Bunnies - Looking For Planet X

Side 2

Track Name
Buddy Selfish - Rip it Up
Rude Norton - She's So Ugly
Snow Geese - I'm Not for Sale
Tots In Bondage - Kicks
Sgt. Nick Penis Band - Let's Go
Pino Rogeletti And The IUDs - Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Mrs. Luxford's Fish - Praise Cod



Compilation - Bud Luxford Presents


Compilation - Bud Luxford Presents

R 3273251 1323383823

Bud Luxford Presents


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Engineered by Jim Cummins (I, Braineater)
Recorded on four tracks at the Braineaters' studio, Vancouver, British Columbia, December, 1980
Executive producers: Jim Cummins and Grant McDonagh, ZULU Records.

Bud Luxford bands: From 1980-81, promoter, manager and raconteur Bud Luxford began organizing revue-style showcase concerts that exclusively featured fuck bands. Eventually, the mere presence of such concerts spurred the creation of dozens more ad-hoc combos. These concerts and their audiences became a scene-within-a-scene. The light-hearted, fun-first ethic and musical variety provided a welcome change-of-pace from hardcore-style punk shows. The flagship bands of the Bud Luxford stable were Rude Norton, Buddy Selfish, and Los Radicos Popularos (later shortened to Los Popularos). Los Pops were the super-group of fuck bands, featuring Bill Shirt, Art Bergmann, John Armstrong, Zippy Pinhead and Tony Bardach. In January 1981, Luxford released the compilation LP, Bud Luxford Presents; followed a few months later by Volume 2, On Sale Inside. Raising the funds for the albums provided another excuse to stage more concerts. Other bands in the Luxford stable included the Raisinettes (featuring members of the Dishrags), Melody Pimps, Jimbo & the Lizard Kings, Sasquatch, and Mrs Luxford’s Fish. On 25 July 1981, this scene reached its apotheosis with Budstock, a 10-band showcase at the Commodore.

Les sez: The fuck band scene was a comedy scene. Rude Norton would hammer out the Theme from Gilligan’s Island. I remember seeing the Young Iranians — featuring Joe Keithley & Simon Wilde — they were all dressed in wigs and crazed clothes, a couple of dresses if I recall correctly, and I laughed until my ribs ached for the duration of their set. Bud Luxford was a brilliant promoter who affected a lackadaisical manner and the unshaven appearance of a wino. “I’m a Rub,” he would say. “I come from Rubbania and I speak Rubbish.” His Boating with Bud excursions, his Budstock concerts and his Bud Luxford Golfing Open all demonstrated a dislike for anything that took itself too seriously, including musicians who considered themselves stars. A few choice words from Luxford, would promptly puncture any inflated egos.


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