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Us - Say It

Format: CD
Label: Bugs Records bugs 1-92
Year: 1993
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: rock soft, pop, aor
Value of Original Title: $350.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
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Track Name
Take Me Shake Me
Little Love
Waiting For You
Take It From Me
Hey Hey Hey
Lonely Room
You And Me
All I Know
Lisa Lisa
Don't Want To Live


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Us - Say It

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Us - Say It

R 11956272 1525441585 2304

Say It


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Brad Muir: guitars, drum programming, funky vocals
Glenn Wright: vocals, keyboards

Additional musicians:
Chris Mitchell: horns
Mike Cowie: horns
Jeff Goodspeed: horns
John Theodore: organ, piano
Bruce Jacobs: bass, guitars
Mike Nichols: cool bass
Georges Hébert: slow hand guitar
Tom Roach: percussion
Scott Ferguson: cymbal overdubs
Mark Raven: harmonica
Kenny McKay: saxophone
Lisa MacDougall: backing vocals

Produced by Brad Muir and Glenn Wright


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