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Bley, Paul - Improvisie

Label: America Records 30 AM 6121 (France)
Year: 1971
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: jazz, electronic, experimental
Value of Original Title: $60.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Experimental & Electronic, Quebec


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Bley, Paul - Improvisie

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Bley, Paul - Improvisie

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Bley, Paul - Improvisie

R 745589 1397216833 3903



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Improvisie is a live album by Paul Bley with Annette Peacock and Han Bennink which was released on the French America label in 1971.

Allmusic awarded the album 4½ stars observing "There are two pieces on the set, the elegiac title cut, which is nearly 14 minutes in length, and the much more adventurous "Touching," which is nearly 24. On "Improvisie," elements of jazz phrasing and harmony usher in the piece haltingly, purposefully, almost reverently... Even 35 years later, "Touching" is still a brave and uncompromising work, one that asks as many questions as it answers, and one that renews its freshness with each repeated listening". The Penguin Guide to Jazz stated "It was Peacock who got Bley interested in synthesisers and even at this early stage their mutual explorations of electronic sounds is extremely impressive".

Paul Bley: electric piano, synthesizer
Annette Peacock: electric bass, electric piano, piano, vocals
Han Bennink: drums


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