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Kashtin - Innu

Format: CD
Label: TriStar Music WK57832, Kébec-Disc PPFLC 2011, Groupe Concept Musique PPFLC 2011
Year: 1991
Origin: Maliotenam reserve, Québec
Genre: folk, First Nations
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1990's, Quebec, Indigenous Canada, Folk


Track Name
Nikanish (My People)
Nekashtuamani (Surprise/Anguish)
Nte Tshitshuat (Your Place)
Apu Tsekuan Nikan'kuian (Nothing Can Stop Me)
Harricana (Long Road) - Algonguin
Sun of the Sun
Tshinuau (All of You)
Apu Mintan (Leave Me Alone)
Uishama (Kashtin Version)
Ishkuess (Girl)


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Kashtin - Innu

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Kashtin - Innu

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Kashtin - Innu

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Kashtin - Innu

R 9354859 1495916326 5451



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Claude McKenzie: vocals
Donald Meunier: vocals
Florent Vollant: vocals
Marcel Néron: vocals
Allan Cavallo: acoustic guitar
Claude McKenzie: acoustic guitar
Donald Meunier: acoustic guitar
Florent Vollant: acoustic guitar
Gaëtan Essiambre: acoustic guitar
Jean-Luc Lampron: acoustic guitar
Donald Meunier: electric guitar
Gaëtan Essiambre: electric guitar
Claude Gay: bass
Daniel Zanella: drums
Guy Bélanger: harmonica
Marc Beaulieu: keyboards
Serge Essiambre: keyboards
Allan Cavallo: pedal steel guitar
Jean-François Fabiano: percussion
Jean-Luc Lampron: violin

Produced by Guy Trépanier
Mixed by Billy Szawlowski and Guy Trépanier; assisted by Bruno Ruffolo
Programmed by Guy Trépanier and Serge Essiambre
Recorded by Louis Mercier and Toby Gendron; assisted by Bruno Ruffolo


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