Tanzen piece by peace squared


Tanzen - Piece by Peace

Format: cassette
Label: JLT Records JLT 8601C, World Record Corp. WRC4-5650
Year: 1988
Origin: Windsor, Ontario
Genre: rock, metal, aor
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Games Girls Play
Hangin' On a Wire
Only a Dream Away
On And On

Side 2

Track Name
Send Out a Message
Chains of Love
One Night Friend
Piece by Peace


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Tanzen - Piece by Peace

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Tanzen - Piece by Peace

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Tanzen - Piece by Peace

Tanzen piece by peace squared

Piece by Peace


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This Canadian band released a fantastic album in 1988 that is nowadays almost impossible to get. The album was produced by former APRIL WINE guitarist Gary Moffet and MINDSTORM producer Bill Szawlowski. The album starts with “Games girls play”, a fantastic classic 80s uptempo AOR rocker with some great keys, harmonyvocals and a lovely chorus. It sounds like the first PHANTOM’S OPERA, SURGIN and first two BON JOVI albums. A very catchy opener indeed!

Following track “Change” is also fantastic classic 80s uptempo AOR, this song is even more pure AOR, because of the cheerful sound that is comparable to SHY, early FM, HONEYMOON SUITE… Things slow down in the next track “Hangin’ on a wire”, a beautiful pure 80s Power AOR Ballad with some classy keys. This song is similar in style to those gorgeous LOVERBOY ballads from the 80s.

The album continues with “Only a dream away”, another fantastic uptempo AOR rocker, this time very close to AVIATOR. Side-A of the LP closes with the first average song, namely “On and on”, a simple MHR song that sounds like a weaker AUTOGRAPH.

The trip to AOR heaven continues with a fantastic classy 80s AOR rocker titled “Send out a message”. This song is sounding like a cross between AVIATOR and the first FM. Next track “Chains of love” is also a fantastic uptempo AOR rocker like AVIATOR/FM.

“One night friend” is yet another classic 80s AOR rocker, only this one has some cool hooklines and sounds a bit like SURVIVOR. The LP closes with the second average track titled “Piece by peace”, this is a faster simpler Party MHR song like BLACK’N’BLUE.

Recorded at Studio Temp & Montreal Sound, Montreal
Produced by S.C.I. Productions (Bill Szawlowski & Gary Moffet)
All songs written by Tanzen


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