Thundermug - Strikes (re-issue)

Format: CD
Label: Axe Records A502
Year: 2014
Origin: London, Ontario
Genre: funk, rock hard
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Track Name
And They Danced
You Really Got Me
Page 125 - What Would You Do? - Help Father Sun
The investigator
Fortunes Umbrella
Jane "J" James
It's Coming Loose
Will They Ever
Where Am I



Thundermug - Strikes (re-issue)


Strikes (re-issue)


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Once billed as 'the heaviest band in the world' THUNDERMUG featured Joe DeAngelis on vocals, Bill Durst on guitar and vocals, Ed Pranskus on drums and Jim Corbett on bass. Writing very unusual songs with the most intense driving beat of any band of that era they toured Canada and the States during the 70's. Axe Records released their first single "You Really Got Me" (AXE 3) followed by "Africa" (AXE 4) in 1972, from the 'Thundermug Strikes' album. "Africa" became their biggest single and a cult favourite on the Doug Morris independent Big Tree label in the States.

Their 2nd Axe album "Orbit" was recorded and released in 1973. EMI licensed 'Strikes' in Europe and CBS released a US compilation also in late 1973. This was followed by their 3rd Axe album 'Ta-Daa' in 1974 and released in the US by Mercury Records. Due to space limitations, "Alex", "It's Coming Loose" & the original version of "The Investigator" were left off the original vinyl release and they appear now for the first time.

Bill Durst: guitar
Joe DeAngelis: lead vocals
Jim Corbett: bass
Ed Pranskus: drums

Produced by Greg Hambleton
Engineered by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound Studios
Mixing Engineering: Bob Liftin at Regent Sound

Cover Design and artwork: Roger Hill
Photos: Larry LeBlanc and John Rowlands
CD Design by Backyard Design

buy the album here: http://www.axerecords.ca/Thundermug.html


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