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Pacifici, Dino - The Journey

Format: CD
Label: Dance Plant Records Inc.
Year: 1997
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: jazz, electronic, lounge
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The Journey (Dance Plant, 1997) is structured in longer tracks that abstract the traditions of exotica, easy-listening and lounge-music. Pacifici's fusion borders several styles without embracing any of them. It is warm (The Journey), ethereal (the 11-minute Earth Song Trilogy), astral (Cascades), blurred (Reverie), surreal (Voices In The Mist). The 11-minute closer, Rainforest Rhapsody, further expands his horizons by introducing ethnic percussion and natural sounds: melodies are only sketched, and become part of a bigger tapestry of harmony. This, his most electronic work, displayed Pacifici's skills at arranging and scripting music, rather than his melodic talent. His tone can never be tragic. An element of magic and ecstasy permeates all of his sonic excursions. He found his true voice as an electronic impressionist, a cosmic courier for the global village.


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