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Drama - Loneliness

Format: LP
Label: Psycho Records, World Record Corp. WRC1-1847
Year: 1979
Origin: Mississauga, Ontario
Genre: rock, synth, electronic, progressive
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://drama-canada.bandcamp.com/album/loneliness, https://www.anost.net/release/0E48/drama/loneliness
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, New Wave Post Punk Wave, Eric Simpson and Don Stagg, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
As I Breathe On The T.T.C.
Anna King
Space Age Punks
God Is a Machine
Got to Get off the Earth

Side 2

Track Name
Electronic Pink Panther
Human Question
Jungle Chant
Hidden Melodies

Side 3

Track Name
You Are The Special One (previously unreleased)
The Movement (previously unreleased)
Nuclear Waste (previously unreleased)
Fusion (previously unreleased)
Shadows (previously unreleased)
Interlude (Demo)
Feable (Demo)
Anna King (Demo)
Come On Over (Alt Version)



Drama - Loneliness

Drama   loneliness label 01

Drama - Loneliness LABEL 01

Drama   loneliness label 02

Drama - Loneliness LABEL 02

A0566230115 10



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Drama were the Canadian duo of Eric Simpson (Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar) and Don Stagg (Keyboards). Formed in in Mississauga, Ontario in 1978, the pair had previously played together in progressive psych bands Majik and VIIth Temple. Almost every Saturday, Eric and Don would record one song on a TEAC 4 track tape recorder after a couple of takes with very little over dubbing. The pair were influenced by what was playing on the radio during the recording sessions. Everyone else at that time was in a rock or pop band yet Drama were making electronic music. The pair released their debut LP ‘Loneliness’ on Psycho Records in 1979. There were 500 albums made and about 200 ended up in the garbage as band members shuffled from apartment to apartment. This was followed by a 4-track 7” later that year featuring live drums and additional guitar.

Seance Centre says it best, “On Loneliness, the pair traded in their velvet and chord charts for thin ties and a cheap drum-machine. The LP still carries a whiff of patchouli, but the sound stings of solder and electricity, and inhabits a nascent zone somewhere between krautrock and new-wave. The vocal cuts are all clustered on the A-side, starting with an ode to the inefficiency of the Toronto Transit Commission - some things never change! The dystopian sci-fi themes are par for the League, and highlights are the love ballad “Anna King” and the charming “Feable”. The instrumentals on the B-side feel decidedly more Teutonic, and have a certain CBC charm that sounds like JP Decerf recording for Parry Music. It even opens with a slinky stoned Pink Panther.” For this first time vinyl reissue we’ve expanded to a double LP with a bonus album of the 4 songs from Old Hollywood 7” and 9 previously unreleased tracks and demo versions.

All songs were remastered in 2018 for vinyl and digital download by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The re-issued vinyl comes housed in a jacket with original photo by Don Stagg taken from his apartment rooftop overlooking Toronto of a young teenager sniffing glue and includes an insert with photos and liner notes by Drama.

Majik: http://citizenfreak.com/titles/318982-majik-five-years-b-w-hermits-tales

7th Temple: http://citizenfreak.com/titles/264496-viith-temple-under-the-burning-sun


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