Skeptical eye the devil's playground


Skeptical Eye - The Devil's Playground

Format: LP
Label: Puretone Records SEP 3819
Year: 1984
Origin: Belleville, Ontario
Genre: rock, synth, experimental, computer
Value of Original Title: $350.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
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Side 1

Track Name
Universal Call - The Message
My Life Is
Tortured From Inside
Believe in Me
Sad Jazz

Side 2

Track Name
Ghet-ti Train
Mama Does'n Understand
Concealed Truth
The Devil's Playground



Skeptical Eye - The Devil's Playground

Skeptical eye the devil's playground

The Devil's Playground


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Angela Black: guitar, synth, strings, vocals
Christopher Flint: organ, bass, drums, vocals
Paul Croscup: percussion, vocals, harmonica, computer voice
Melina Misick: backup vocals
Colleen MacCalister: backup vocals
Richard Boucher: guitars
Karen Croscup: girl's scream

Children's Choir:
Mark Freeman
Kirk Misick
Melina Misick
Patrick Bray
Kira Tuttelberg
Lesley Dowdall
Eddie Young


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