Cd cockroaches st front


Cockroaches - ST

Format: CD
Label: Real Big North Records 001
Year: 2007
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: rockabilly
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Quebec, Rockabilly & Early Cdn R&R, 2000's


Track Name
Walk My Walk
The Cats Ass
I'm Gonna Bop 'Til I Sleep in My Grave
Honky Tonk Mind
Cruel Hearted Dame
Long Blond Hair
I'm Ready
Sugar Sweet
Easy Tiger
Crazy Arms
Lucy Loo
It Went to My Head (Mods vs. Rockers)
Move It Over



Cockroaches - ST

Cd cockroaches st front



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These Junior Caesars of the Rockabilly Underground have been swaying crowds for some two years now. Currently releasing their first full-length debut, a self-titled classic featuring fifteen diamond nuggets from the vault, this band is again proving to be a force thats hard to beat. And with a thousand shows and even more parties, these lust worthy cads still deliver like an atom bomb. So now out on Real-big North Records, and also slated to release a few 7 inches along with a European full length, The Cockroach fireball will soon be torching hearts near you.

The Cockroaches are: Dale The Tail-Guitar, Eddy Blake- Bass, Spider Dan Pedro-Skins
Cockroaches experience: Rockabilly 514 (Movie), 7" ep on Solid Sex Lovie Doll (Italy), Red-Hot and Blue Rockabilly Festival 2005/2007, Vans Warp Tour 2005 Battle o the bands winners, featured songs in upcoming 2008 horror flick "Photomanipulation", and have patented "the cockroach wall of sound".

Danny Marx: drums, vocals
Dale MacDonald: guitar, vocals
Eddy Blake: bass, lead vocals


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