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Chalmers, Peter - The Lady and the Stranger

Format: LP
Label: Old Road Records ORM 33976
Year: 1977
Origin: London, Ontario - Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Roundabout Affair
Song For Cathy
Caught In The Middle
The Franklin's Maid
Gypsy Dance
Unemployment Insurance Rag

Side 2

Track Name
Big Fairy Hill, Little Fairy Hill
The Lady And The Stranger
The Boston Burglar
The Minstrel And The Queen
William Kidd


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Chalmers, Peter - The Lady and the Stranger

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Chalmers, Peter - The Lady and the Stranger

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Chalmers, Peter - The Lady and the Stranger

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The Lady and the Stranger


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Peter Chalmers: vocals, guitar
Howard Rabkin: vocals, bass
Dave Bloomer: banjo
Joel Zifkin: violin
Liz Tansey: vocals
Lynn-Marie Holland: vocals
Rick Howorth: steel guitar (pedal), mandolin
Helga Schleeh: flute
Dave Clarke: guitar

Engineered by: Dave Bloomer and Gil Hymer
Produced by Peter Chalmers
Arranged by Peter Chalmers
Recorded at Pots and Pand Reg'd., December 1976.
Mastered by SNB Mastering Labs, Montreal.

Artwork By Debra Saxe (front cover) and William Stobbs (illustration)
Photography by I. Silverman

Thanks to Richard Lasnier for the loan of needed equipment. Thanks to Conan Doyle for "Franklin's Maid". Thanks to Albert Friedman for "Boston Burglar". Thanks to The Mountain City Four for "William Kidd". Thanks to my rapidograph pen for not leaking.

Made with the assistance of The CAPAC Committee For The Promotion of Canadian Music, Toronto, Ont.


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