Sinclair, David - Take My Hand (re-issue)

Format: CD
Label: Regenerator REGEN1102CD
Year: 2011
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock, folk, psych
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Take My Hand
Livin' in the Country
Baby You Do
Hello There
This Time Around
A Tale of Raven
Three Hour Ride
Lord It's All Around
Ridin' Home
To Know You
To There and Back (Concert Rehearsal)
Danny's Kaleidoscope (Concert Rehearsal)
Doukhourbors (Concert Rehearsal)
Wake Up Early Demos
Escape Early Demos
Excursion On a Sunny Day Early Demos
1973 Promotional Radio Interview



Take My Hand (re-issue)


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Take My Hand is the ultimate Canadian Private Pressing LP from 1973, West Coast Folk-Rock-Psych sytlings with sudden tempo shifts from mellow dreamy acoustic with occasional female backing vocals to sudden bursts of electric guitar wailing. The album also has a couple of great downer tracks with sparse arrangements. Highlights include: “A Tale Of Raven” “To Know You” “Three Hour Ride” and “This Time Around”. Canadian Singer-singwriter style music with some psych direction, and a strong and very pleasant West Coast feel. Fans of David Wiffen and Vernon Wray would greatly enjoy.

Take My Hand is an essential Canadian private press LP from 1973! Mixing West Coast psych-folk-rock stylings with mellow dreamy acoustics and occasional female backing vocals, this album wears its damaged heart on its sleeve. For you suicidal types, the album also has a couple of great downer tracks with sparse arrangements. Hurts so good! Highlights include: “A Tale Of Raven”, “To Know You”, “Three Hour Ride” and “This Time Around”. Fans of David Wiffen, Kauffman/Caboor Songs From Suicide Bridge and Vernon Wray will dig this. This CD features fully remastered audio--from the original tapes--and includes 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks! Big thanks to the folks at Regeneration Records for making this rare and collectible album available again. For audio samples and to order David Sinclair Take My Hand


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