Guloien, Marla - Debut

Format: CD
Label: MG Records
Year: 2010
Origin: Port Moody, British Columbia
Genre: jazz, pop, soul, rhythm & blues
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Jazz, 2010's, British Columbia


Track Name
Tuesday Mornings (feat. Miles Black)
Don't Call Me Baby (feat. Miles Black, P.J. Perry and Daryl Jahnke)
New Orleans Strut (feat. Miles Black, P.J. Perry and Gabriel Hasselbach)
Whadya Say
You've Got To Make It Better
The Road To Home (feat. Miles Black)
Some People Say (feat. Miles Black and P.J. Perry)
Don't You Wanna Know (feat. Blaine Dunaway)
I Do (feat. Miles Black and P.J. Perry)
It's Been A Long Long Time (feat. Miles Black and Joel Fountain)
Try With Jordan Carrier (feat. Miles Black, Joel Fountain and Jordan Carrier)
Bye Bye (feat. Miles Black, Daryl Jahnke and Gabriel Hasselbach) (live)





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Marla Guloien's music is composed of hints of soul, blues, folk and jazz. Her lyrics are intimate and her voice is soulful. Every performance is as sincere as the next and her sincere and romantic songs are beautifully written. They work their way into your heart.

Some of the best musicians have come together to support Marla in this album. Miles Black, an incredibly talented, multi instrumentalist, has written hundreds of songs and is revered as one the most gifted musicians in the Canadian Jazz. PJ Perry is a Juno award winning sax player. You haven't heard sax until you've heard this guy. He is respected as one of the all time greats. As her uncle, he has been an influence on her since she was young and it was a very neat experience to have him in the studio. Daryl Jahnke brings his gorgeous blues style with the electric guitar. Joel Fountain played on drums and percussion and Gabriel Hasselbach, Juno award winning trumpet player, can be heard with his gorgeous trumpet sounds in all the right places. Blaine Dunnaway, a veteran in the industry, came in to play violin and chincello. Larry Anschell, a leading sound engineer and owner of Turtle Recordings, also got behind the project and supported crafting this album into the best album possible.


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