McLeish, Ian - Country Rock Folk Blues

Format: 2CD
Label: Mousehole Music CD-2005.67
Year: 2005
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: rock, folk, country, blues
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, 2000's, Folk


Disc 1

Track Name
The Man You're With
One Way Ticket (to a Broken Heart)
Standing on the Levee
Crashin' and Burnin'
(Something Hit Me) Right Between the Eyes
Highway Call
Letting You Go Again
Taking Time
Bad Timing
That Girl Could Sing
The Picture
Win Back Your Heart
Fool's Circle
My Poor Heart
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
3-4 Time

Disc 2

Track Name
Rock 'n' Roll man
Medley: River of Jordan - My Lord is Coming Soon
Living Without You
Back Woman Blues
Medley: Bound to Tell You - Near My Beginnings
Susan (The Honesty Song)
Didn't Know I Loved Her
What Do Women Want?
If You Think - Goin' Away Blues
I Didn't Know You
The Plainsman
Poppa Don't Bring No Lobsters Home
Medley: River of Jordan - My Lord is Coming Soon (Dance Mix)



Ian McLeish - Country Rock Folk Blues


Country Rock Folk Blues


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Here is a terrific collection of songs by Ian Mcleish, one of Canada's finest songwriters.Features "The Man You're With Tonight", "Standing On The Levee" "Letting You Go Again", "If You Think - Goin' Away Blues", & the fabulous X-rated "Susan (The Honesty Song)".

Over the years I have worked with many musicians in different varieties of musical adventures. The music changed and evolved, but I always had songs that just didn't fit the bands I was playing with at the time.

Those songs sat in drawers and on cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes, mostly unheard for years, until now. Some recordings, which date back to the 70's, I decided to use as I felt they had the "feel" or soul of the song, regardless of small errors. In most cases the original track was supplemented with new bass, second guitar and/or vocal to enhance the original demo and make it listenable.
Another batch of songs were recorded throughout the 90's between sessions for RPM, Random Axis or MKM albums, and the final batch were done over the last two years, some new songs as well as cover versions of some favourites. Enjoy!
-Ian Mcleish


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