Kennedy, Willie - Cape Breton Violin

Format: CD
Label: Rounder 82161-7043-2
Year: 2002
Origin: Kenloch, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Genre: celtic, cape breton fiddle
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Celtic traditional, Cape Breton


Track Name
Traditional - Angus Chisolm's - Down the River - Strathlorne Valley (jigs)
Hiawatha - Newcastle (hornpipe); Lady Charlotte Campbell - Clear the Track - Mary Claire - Eugene Stratton - Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday - Miss Menzie of Menzie's (reels)
Kitchener's Army (march); Devil in the Kitchen - Miss Drummond of Perth (strathspeys); Muileann Dubh - Locheil's Awa' to France - MacKinnon's Rant (reels)
Inganess-Trad'l fr Duncan MacQuarrie-Trad'l fr Dan J Campbell-Trad'l fr Johnny Wilmot-Athole Brose (strathspeys); General Stewart-Gillis' Favourite-Francis Beaton's-Donald MacGugan's Rant-Jenny Pippin-Jenny Dang the Weaver - Sir David Davidson of Cantry
Wedding - High Bridge - Ships are Sailing (jigs)
Robert Cormack, Aberdeen (air); Lord Moira - Miss Ann Amelia Murray (strathspeys); MacLaine of Loch Buie - Mrs. Smyth of Methven's - The Red Shoes (reels)
Untitled - Gordon Quigley's - The Royal Circus - Miss Gordon of Park - Miss Carmichael (jigs)
Mr. Murray - Dusky Meadow - King George the IVth - King George (strathspeys); Tom Rae - The King's - Miss Lyall - Sean Maguire's Reel - A Trip to Windsor - Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart - John of Badenyon - Hamish the Carpenter (reels)
Tam Bain's Lum (march); The Royal Scots - Black Bear - Tom Kettle's - Garmont Smiddy - Miss John MacDonald - The Spey in Spate (reels)



Willie Kennedy - Cape Breton Violin


Cape Breton Violin


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Gordon MacLean: piano
produced by Mark Wilson


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