Stubbert, Brenda - Endless Memories

Format: CD
Label: private BSTUBOS
Year: 2008
Origin: Point Aconi, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Genre: celtic, cape breton fiddle
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Celtic traditional, Cape Breton, 2000's


Track Name
Grand Opening
March Strathspey and Reels in A
Old Southern Waltz
March Strathspey and Reels in D
The Crooked Stovepipe Set
Endless Memories
Jigs in G
Tribute to John Morris Rankin Set
Jigs in A
Lonesome Eyes
Grand Finale



Endless Memories


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Brenda's latest studio album won the ECMA Traditional album of the year award in 2008.

Brenda Stubbert: fiddle, piano
Dave MacIssac: guitars and dobro and mandolin
Howie MacDonald: piano, guitar
Jerry Holland: fiddle accompiniment
Mac Morin: accordion
Mike Wadden: bouzouki

produced by Howie MacDonald

01. Grand Opening
Nelson and Lolly's Jig
Claire Baxter's Dead Cool
The Sound of Mull

02. March, strathspey and reels in A
Kitchener's Army
Maggie Cameron
Brenda Stubbert's Reel
Cape Breton Rigs

03. Jigs
Feet First
Lew Taylor
Scotty's Favourite

04. Waltz
The Old Southern Waltz

05. March, strathspey and reels in D
The Maclellan Trio
Father Johnn Angus Rankin's Strathspey
Lively Steps
The Stone Frigate

06. The Cooked Stovepipe Set
The Cooked Stovepipe
Poppy Leaf

07. Endless Memories

08 Jigs in G
Gabes's Hospitality
Haddington Assembly
Little House Under the Hill

09. Tribute to John Morris Rankin
The Marchioness of Huntly, strathspey
Christie Campbell, strathspey
Anthony Murray, strathspey
King George V, strathspey
My Brother's Letter
The Ale is Dear

10. Jigs in A
The Pattern Day
The Panelmine Jig
How She Got Up in the Morning

11. Lonesome Eyes

12. Grand Finale
Swinging on a Gate
Rod Alexander's Reel
The Turnpike


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