Stevens, Mike & Matt Andersen - Piggyback

Format: CD
Label: Busted Flat Records FLAT 030
Year: 2009
Origin: Perthandover, New Brunswick (Matt Andersen); Sarnia, Ontario (Mike Stevens)
Genre: blues
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Blues, New Brunswick, 2000's


Track Name
I Wanna Be a Float Plane
The Way You Move
Hold Me With Both Hands
Livin' In Sarnia
Devil's Bride
Going Home
Storms Rollin' In
Better Days
I'll Tell You a Story
Blue Celtic Rose
Workin' My Way Home To My Girl
You're a Best Seller Baby



Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen - Piggyback




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features harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens. Listen to the track "Livin' in Sarnia:
..born in Sarnia and I'm Livin' there still
if the air don't get ya then the french fries will..
"..From 1999 until the present time Mike has been going into some of the most troubled communities across Canada playing music for native youth and bringing other artists into these communities to share art with youth. He is the Founder of ArtsCan Circle - a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving Youth at Risk a voice through music and the arts..."

.."New Brunswick, Canada's Matt Andersen has a larger than life showmanship that has been earning him a fervent and steadfast audience wherever he graces the stage. Matt's sprawling blues, roots and rock musical hybrid with his sorrowing and soulful voice and astonishing guitar-playing has sparked a phenomenal buzz on Canada's East Coast and that grass roots word of mouth cannot be contained any longer!"

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