Va the canadian invasion front


Compilation - The Canadian Invasion

Label: Coca-Cola Ltd. QC 749
Year: 1969
Origin: Canada
Genre: rock, psych
Keyword:  advertising, coca cola
Value of Original Title: $400.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, 1960's


Side 1

Track Name
The Guess Who - Tired of Trying
The Guess Who - Give My Baby Lovin'
Nucleus - Drums
Nucleus - Cool Down
The Magic Cycle - Jelly Beans
The Magic Cycle - Take My Hand
Mandala - Relief Is What I'm Wishing
Mandala - Rehearsal
The Five Man Electrical Band - Summertime
The Five Man Electrical Band - Happy
The Five Man Electrical Band - Today



The Canadian Invasion

Va the canadian invasion label 01

VA The Canadian Invasion LABEL 01

Va the canadian invasion front

The Canadian Invasion


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The Canadian Invasion was a rare promotional advertisement album that was recorded live in June, 1969 on Coca-Cola Ltd. QC 749 and featured Toronto's Nucleus (formerly Lords of London), Ottawa's 5-Man Electrical Band, Winnipeg's The Guess Who, Toronto's The Magic Cycle and The Mandala.

"Canada is just arriving in the field of international Pop music. More and more Canadians are invading and conquering in this exciting battle for the attention and acclaim of today's youth. Considering the importance we put on the youth market it isn't very surprising that we would have some of these talented young Canadians doing their thing for Coca-Cola. Here is a special release of 5 Canadian Youth Music groups, singing it the way it is for Coke. Leading the way are Winnipeg's Guess Who, the famous four who are the first Canadians to live at home yet successfully crack the International market. Equally bright and exciting are the songs by Nucleus, the Mandala, The Magic Cycle and Ottawa's 5 Man Electrical Band. Listen as the Canadians invade Pop. It's an adventure in sound."

The album was truly an adventure in sound and featured 11 cuts of cool coke rock, quite unlike it's sister 1960's Canadian Coca Cola advertisement recording by The Laurie Bower Singers (I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony) on RCA Victor ST-57108 and Bobby Curtola Sings for Coca-Cola on Quality QC FR 33. All tracks on this compilation were recorded on one side (side 2 is blank).

-Robert Williston


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