Wiseman, Bob - Beware of Bob

Format: CD
Label: Sabre Torque ST-008
Year: 1994
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1990's, Manitoba, Folk


Track Name
Did we seque?
foster child
who who who (ahem)
welcome (to my portamento)
kapow pow pow
to to the god of
twidley dee dum
mortician don
all dressed up
wayne cassanova fantasy
play like hugh, the nightly news, your first favourite song could have been the theme for the jeffersons
the chorus



Beware of Bob


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One of Wiseman's "side" projects, B.O.B. is a collection of the type of freeform jazzy instrumentals popular at the keyboardist's regular Toronto club shows. While representative of the talents of Wiseman and collaborators Hugh Phillips and Don Kerr, most of the album will prove little more than background music for all but the most avid jazz afficianados. Without the ability to see Wiseman's unique and riveting performance style, the music seems to lose some of its character and uniqueness. While there are definite standouts ("to to the god of", "could have been the theme for the jeffersons"), this is disappointingly not the best possible representation of Wiseman's fascinating live shows that have continued to very deservedly draw Toronto audiences for practically a decade.
-Tomas Mureika


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