Wiseman, Bob - Accidentally Acquired Beliefs

Format: CD
Label: Good For Commies (GFC) Recordings, Warner Music Canada CD 11474
Year: 1995
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, folk
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://bobwiseman.bandcamp.com/album/accidentally-acquired-beliefs
Playlist: 1990's, Manitoba, Folk


Track Name
at radio Kolor in Warsaw before concert
william wake up
10,000 miles
question of love
stay untraceable
ring ring ring
new city
neil young - love is a rose
could it be said
lisa run
row the boat
all i want is two



Accidentally Acquired Beliefs


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“Bob’s Masterpiece.”
~Mendelson Joe, the man behind Frank Sweet – the President of Lake Michigan Soda

“Guest performances by Daniel Lanois, Ron Sexsmith and Mary Margaret O’Hara; but perhaps more significantly, it was laboured over and in some circles, that is considered the way to perfect something.”

Wiseman's latest album is also easily his most accessible. While not completely eliminating his quirky signatures, Bob has structured his offbeat tunes into songs that could almost be hit singles. From the bizarro cover of Neil Young's "Love Is A Rose" (left off the phenomenal Borrowed Tunes Canadian Young tribute album) to the gorgeous "Two" and the powerful "Could It Be Said", Wiseman continues addressing personal and political conundrums with his unique poetics, but with highly singable hooks. "Stay Untraceable" finds Bob moving into dancier territory, while the opener, "William", is a plaintive cry to a substance-abusing friend. Accidentally Acquired Beliefs continues Wiseman's remarkable development, proving him an artist capable of honing a style all his own into a forum through which he can reach a wider audience, without losing any of his individuality. It also finds Wiseman in for the long haul, a survivor standing tall amidst a world he details as it crumbles: "You don't understand my feet are in cement/You don't understand this life it ain't a life...It makes me sad to watch you sink/But a friend's a friend, don't you think...?" (from "William").
-Tomas Mureika


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