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Wild Rice - Together: Wild Rice Soundtrack

Format: LP
Label: Rice Records 1001
Year: 1972
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Manitoba, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Mansion on the Hill
Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Sin City
Lightning Bar Blues

Side 2

Track Name
Morning Has Broken
Bon Soir Cher
Suzanne (Cohen)
Last, Lonely & Wretched


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Wild Rice - Together: Wild Rice Soundtrack

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Wild Rice - Together: Wild Rice Soundtrack

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Together: Wild Rice Soundtrack


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Wild Rice was a collective who together comprised the entire population of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1972. Together, they recorded this soundtrack album in October 1972 (one month after Canada Cup '72) at Century, in Manitoba. This gatefold lp features cover versions of Mansion on the Hill/ Brand New Tennessee Waltz/ Sin City/ Crying/ Prisoners/ Lightning Bar Blues // Morning Has Broken/ Bon Soir Cher/ Suzanne (Cohen)/ Last, Lonely & Wretched/ Questions. The people who made up the Winnipeg bowl of rice were Steve Tully, Bill, Robbie, and Don McDougall, Harry Hilderbrand, Frank Wiener, Marshall Quelch, Jim Hogg, Garnie Gillis, Ted Howorth, Blair Maclean, Patrick Iveniuk, Gord Osland, Hermann Fruhm, Val Hastings, Joey Gregorash, Ron Risko, Ray Levin, Dennis Bucko, Norm Nagle, Bob Cybulka, Gary Maclean, Dan Kavitch, Bob Shipley, Carol Isaac, Bill Iveniuk, Jim Kale, Ed Leclair, Ed Laham, Marlene Cybulka, Darlene Nagle, Cheryl Lee, Ken Lee, Ray Famega, Don Hunter, Al Niznick, Ed Kimmelman, Vic Davies, Greg Leskiw, Chicago Ron, Bob Brannigan, Rick Inglis, Lee Major, Rick Neufeld. The rice that was left behind in the bowl were Keith Christianson, Phil Kieves, Bernice Senjenko, Barry Isaac, Mark Iveniuk, and Dale Russell. The soy sauce were: Bob Shipley and Bill Iveniuk - producers; Dan Kavitch - Engineering; Greg Leskiw and Rick Inglis - Mixing; Jim Kale - Music coordination. The players were Carol Isaac on rhythm guitar and lead vocals; Bill Iveniuk on bass and lead guitars; Ed Leclair on lead guitar; Gord Osland on drums; Hermann Fruhm on piano; Gary MacLean on banjo, conga, tamborine, harmony; Blair MacLean on inaudible 12 string and harmony (MacLean and MacLean); Klara Belkin on cello; Barbara Kraichy on harp. Additional vocals were by the Notcalm Singers. The outside cover was by Ted Howorth. The inside photographs and layout was by Ken Lee. Special thanks went out to Jim Hogg. The album was dedicated to Kim & Shawn.
-Robert Williston


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