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Warpig - ST

Format: LP
Label: Fonthill F 103
Year: 1971
Origin: Woodstock, Ontario
Genre: acid, rock hard
Value of Original Title: $1,200.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Tough Nuts
Melody With Balls
Advance A Minor

Side 2

Track Name
Rock Star
The Moth



Warpig - ST


Warpig - ST


Warpig - ST

Warpig st %28fonthill%29 label 02

Warpig-ST (Fonthill) LABEL 02

Warpig st %28fonthill%29 label 01

Warpig-ST (Fonthill) LABEL 01

Warpig %28fonthill%29 front



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Warpig formed in Woodstock, Ontario in 1970. This album was recorded in Toronto and issued originally in 1971 on Fonthill F 103 with a gatefold. Warpig re-mastered their original album and it was re-issued in 1973 in both stereo and mono versions on London NAS 13528 with different versions of Rock Star and Flaggit and a different cover. Those two re-mastered tracks were also released as singles on London M 17452 and charted on RPM Top 100 in 1973.

The tracks here are taken from the original pressing.

The re-issued version was produced by Robbie Irving & Jim Croteau. It was published by Trafalgar Music. The art director was John Duff.

Rick Donmoyer (Woodstock, Ontario): vocals & guitar
Terry Hook (Woodstock, Ontario): percussion
Dana Snitch (Coniston, Ontario): keyboards & vocals
Terry Brett (Woodstock, Ontario): bass guitar

Recording & Remix Engineering: Ken Fresian
Equipment by Andrew Duivenvoorde & Jack Hoekema
Produced By Robert Thomson

All selections published by April-Robin Music
Matrix F-103 S2


Peter Skov

This album is really interesting because there are parts that are very similar to both Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Particularly, "Rock Star" has parts that sound like "Fireball", "Flight of the Rat" and "Highway Star". Finding accurate information on the band and album is not easy. I have read the band formed in 1966, in 1968, and in 1970. I read that the album was recorded in 1969 and released in 1970, but here it says the album was released in 1971. That makes a big difference if you want to know whether Warpig was influenced by Deep Purple and Uriah Heep or whether it is coincidental, or even possible that Deep Purple borrowed some ideas when they performed a show in Toronto in 1970. I'd like to think that Warpig came up with their ideas on their own, but who knows...?