Angus walker   canada's prime minister of country music front


Walker, Angus - Introducing Angus Walker: Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music

Format: LP
Label: Cynda CNS 1057
Year: 1975
Origin: Port Hastings, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦
Genre: country
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Nova Scotia, Country & Western, Cape Breton


Side 1

Track Name
Diesel Drivin' Man
Parliament Hill
I'll be Hatin' You
Barbara Jean
Franklin, Tennessee
Dark Side of Fame

Side 2

Track Name
My Heart is not a Garden
Southern Lovin'
Down East Country Girl
Introduce Me
You are What I Am


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pic of me from The Scotia Sun. Al Hooper had a song called Washington DC so I asked Ben Kerr to write a Cdn version for me. The next day, Ben had finished "Parliament Hill" which kicked off my time as Canada's PM of Country Music

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A promotional image from my days as "Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music". The Cabinet and I had a few of those matching suits: red & black, black & white and they also had pink ones, too.

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A newspaper clipping from '74 promoting a stint at the Prince Edward Lounge in Charlottetown.

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Mine and The Cabinet's business card from the mid '70's.

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A marquee outside Prince Edward Lounge, Charlottetown during 70s. Vic who I worked with on the road, in the studio and part of the first cross Canada country music TV broadcast from Halifax on CJCH in the early 60's, was appearing following week

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A promotional picture of me used in newspapers and for signing autographs.

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Article from The Scotia Sun in 74. Refers to a few milestones of my career such as being part of first cross-country TV show of country music ever to originate in Halifax with The Countrymen on CJCH and app w/ the Jim & Don Haggart on The Ian Tyson Show

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An article that appeared in "The Casket" late in '74 while The Cabinet and myself were touring The Maritimes. This time we were in Antigonish!

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"Runnin'" Ben Kerr and I in the recording studio. Ironically, we were most likely not talking about music but that cigarette in my hand. I do not think there's another person in Canada that worked harder to protect people from smoking in public places

Angus walker   canada's prime minister of country music back

Story is transcript of Ben Kerr talking about Parliament Hill & how some mistook me as the actual PM of Canada. Some dtls are a bit exaggerated for entertainment. We met PM Trudeau in Timmons, Ont. around this time & had a laugh about the whole situation

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A write up that "The Consumer Guide" published when Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music and The Cabinet rolled into Kapuskasing, Ontario

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A picture of me with my '65 RPM Award, (later known as the Junos) and the LP and 8 Track versions of the album "Introducing Angus Walker: Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music" which was recorded in a day. Picture taken by my father in Port Hastings.

Angus walker   canada's prime minister of country music front

Introducing Angus Walker: Canada's Prime Minister of Country Music


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Dec 12, 2023: Angus Walker and Robert Williston present this terrific country music album presented exclusively here at for the first time in nearly 50 years.

The Cabinet and I produced this LP in Toronto. Released by Cydna/Boot Records (owned by Stompin' Tom), there was a lot of Canadian content: 3 were mine, "Parliament Hill", one by my friend Muriel's, a Lightfoot song and a track by Doug Trineer. Larry had the idea of recording Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs". Of course we threw in Waylon and Paycheck songs as well among others.

Angus Walker: lead vocals, rhythm guitar

The Cabinet:
Steve Lau: lead guitar, steel effects, vocal arrangements
Henry Brennan: bass, vocals
Larry Brennan: drums, vocals
Anne Marie Arsenault: vocal effects on 'Barbara Jean'

Produced by Angus Walker and The Cabinet
Recorded at Sound Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Cover photo by John Rowlands


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