45 alan thicke wondrous bobby orr


Thicke, Alan - Wonderous Bobby Orr b/w That Boston Dandy

Format: 45
Label: RCA Victor 75-1016
Year: 1967
Origin: Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Genre: Sports - hockey
Keyword:  Hockey, NHL, Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Hockey Room


Side 1

Track Name
Wonderous Bobby Orr

Side 2

Track Name
That Boston Dandy



Alan Thicke - Wonderous Bobby Orr b/w That Boston Dandy

45 alan thicke wondrous bobby orr

Wonderous Bobby Orr b/w That Boston Dandy


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Obscure single featuring the vocal talents of actor Alan Thicke (Thicke Of The Night, Growing Pains) and musical direction from Ben McPeek ("Wonderous Bobby Orr") and Art Snider ("That Boston Dandy") respectively. Ripping guitar work on the McPeek side. A super groovy favourite! However, the best part of the song - aside from the lyrics marveling at Orr's prodigious stick-handling talents, comes at the very end when a female chorus makes some pip-pip noises before the side fades out. It's true. On the flip, Saba elects a more sensual, throaty "talking" style - as if Barry White got a whiff of some helium - while he again lays on some worship for the 'Boston Dandy'. Light a fire, set out a couple snifters of cognac, lie down on that bear-skin rug and throw this on your Radio Shack 'table for some psychotic lovin's with your favorite hockey stick...


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