Ian tamblyn antarctica

Tamblyn, Ian - Antarctica

Format: CD
Label: North Track Records NTCD3
Year: 1994
Origin: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Genre: folk, ambient
Keyword:  environment
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://www.iantamblyn.com/music
Playlist: Ontario, Experimental & Electronic, 1990's


Track Name
The Bell Birds
The Weddell Planet
Erebus Ice Caves
Out on the Ice Fields
The Penguin Came from Pittsburgh
Ed's Still Diving
New Life at Hutton Cliffs
Still Life for Woodpecker
Labrador Dawn
The Bloodvein


Ian tamblyn antarctica



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The last of the so called environmental albums. After five expeditions to the north and near north with John Oliver he suggested that I join his team to explore the under ice worlds of Antarctica. He might have told me we were going to visit another planter because that is what awaited me there. I think it is safe to say at this point I went to Antarctica under somewhat false pretenses-there I was to be Ian Tamblyn, marine biologist. During the time I spent at McMrdo, I felt that everyday there I would be found out but only upon my return did the director call the bluff. The submarine world of Antarctica was both fascinating and frightening and the experience of this crystal desert was nothing like the north I had been chasing, it was not like anything north I had experienced at all. It was-Antartica. Days were spent recording the surreal sounds of Weedell Seals, Adelie and Emperor Penguins, diving the subterranean pumus slopes of the volcano Mount Erebus, that smoked and rumbled 12,000 feet above us. We visited the ghosts of Shackleton and Scott-the history of early Antarctic exploration all around Ross Island.


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