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Sunband - ST

Format: LP
Label: Vera Cruz VCR 1021
Year: 1982
Origin: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, synth pop
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, Saskatchewan, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Hang on to the Feeling
Magical Night
Is It True?
She's Building Me Up
Neon Smile

Side 2

Track Name
Can't Escape
Everybody Wants to Win
I Was Dreaming
That Girl
You're the Only One You're Fooling


Sunband st back

Sunband - ST

Sunband st vinyl 01

Sunband - ST

Sunband st vinyl 02

Sunband - ST

Sunband st front



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Following the dissolution of Sunband, Brian Will and Rod Salloum took the initiative to establish a new musical endeavor called Jabazz. Craig Kaleal, an exceptionally talented drummer, also joined Jabazz. Craig was known for his contributions to Witness Inc., Leigh Ashford, Wascana, Dianne Heatherington, Downchild Blues Band, Jacques Lussier Band, and The Upsetters. Notably, Craig Kaleal had previously been Wayne's drum teacher, and as Wayne fondly reminisces, "Craig's talent couldn't be taught - it's in his DNA - he was one of the most talented drummers I ever knew". Orest Patraschuk joined the group as lead guitarist, and Jabazz embarked on a fresh creative journey.

A few years later, Brian relocated to Edmonton and initiated the formation of the second incarnation of Sunband. Initially, this decision stirred some resentment within the original Sunband, but with time, those sentiments faded, and reconciliation ensued. The revamped group included Brian Will, Rod Salloum, Ray Garand (lead guitar), and Sherman Pearce (drums). In 1982, they recorded an LP under the Vera Cruz label, providing a snapshot of a distinct chapter in Sunband's musical odyssey.
-Robert Williston, Feb 2, 2024

Brian Will: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Ray Garand: lead guitar, backing vocals
Sherman Pearce: drums, backing vocals
Rod Salloum: keyboards
Gerry Dere: synthesizer

All songs written by Brian Will except 'Neon Smile'
Produced by Wes Dakus & Sunband
Engineered by Gerry Dere
Technical Engineer: Ian Ross
Recorded and mixed at Sundown Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta

Album cover photography by Ted Shehinski
Art direction and design by Wes Dakus


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