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Stubbert, Brenda - In Jig Time!

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 1994
Origin: Point Aconi, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
King George V Trad. - The Devil in the Kitchen Trad. - Calum Crubach (aka) Miss Drummond of Perth - My Brother's Letter (Vincent MacLellan) - Bobby Winston's Tune-as played by Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald trad - The Weasel (John Mossis Rankin)
Kylebrack Rambler (Finbar Dwyer)
Ashley MacIsaac's Reel (Brenda Stubbert)
Lester Stubbert's (Brenda Stubbert) - Cameron Chisholm (Brenda Stubbert)
Jenny Bowser (J. Scott Skinner)
Francis Xavier Kennedy MacDonald (David Greenberg) - Archie Menzie's (John Lowe) - The Clydesdale Lasses
Johnnie Sullivan's trad. - Malcolm Finlay's trad. - Sleepy Maggie trad.
The Laird of Cockpen - The Grand Mira (Mickey Gillis)
Memories of Simon Fraser (Brenda Stubbert) - Goose Cove (Brenda Stubbert) - Miss Gordon's William Marshall - Jenny's Nettles Trad. - The Lasses of Stewarton
Teviot Bridge trad. - Stool of Repentance trad. - Portree Bay J. MacKenzie - Donald MacLean of Lewis Trad.
Archie Neil Chisholm (Brenda Stubbert) - Barbara Magone's Visit (Brenda Stubbert) - Stephanie Wills (Brenda Stubbert)
Brenda at Southwest Margaree Rannie MacLellan - Traditional Old Trad. - Rita's Tearoom (Brenda Stubbert)
Peter Poirier (Brenda Stubbert) - The Haddington Assembly Neil Gow - Traditional Jig
The Iron Man Skinner - Riddrie Trad. - The Cameron Walker (Brenda Stubbert)
Leo and Catherine Murray (Brenda Stubbert) - Peter and Doreen Chiasson (Brenda Stubbert) - Rannie MacLellan (Brenda Stubbert)


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