Ray st germain   st front


St. Germain, Ray - ST

Format: LP
Label: Sunshine Records SSLP 4014
Year: 1978
Origin: St. Vital, Manitoba, 🇨🇦
Genre: country, First Nations
Keyword:  Métis, First Nations
Value of Original Title: $65.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Singles, 1970's, Louis Riel, Ray St. Germain, Manitoba, Indigenous Canada, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Please Don't Hurt Me
Help Me
I Feel Better
Old Fashioned Song

Side 2

Track Name
Travelling Man
Thank You For Loving Me
Cajun Cowboy
Sweet Innocence
Buckskin & Satin
My Boy


Ray st germain   st back

Ray St Germain - ST BACK

Ray st. germain   st 1978 sunshine label 01

Ray St. Germain - ST 1978 Sunshine LABEL 01

Ray st. germain   st 1978 sunshine label 02

Ray St. Germain - ST 1978 Sunshine LABEL 02

Ray st germain   st front



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Ray St. Germain: guitar, vocals
Dennis Hammersteadt: lead guitar
Ron Halldorson: rhythm guitar, steel guitar
Stan Winnistock: fiddle
Jim McEachran: piano
Bill Merritt: bass
Annis Kozub: bass
Paul Podoworny: drums
Reg Keeln: drums
Harold Vogt: strings
Clara Belkin: strings
Clelio Ritheliati: strings
Walter Diduck: strings
Chrystal St. Germain: backing vocals
Cathie St. Germain: backing vocals
Wendy Halldorson: backing vocals

Musical director and arrangements by Ron Halldorson
Engineered by John Hilderbrand
Recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba


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