Joe st denis the courage of terry fox front clipped


St. Denis, Joe - The Courage of Terry Fox

Format: LP
Label: Burco BRLPS 80753
Year: 1979
Origin: North Bay, Ontario
Genre: country, folk
Keyword:  Greatest Canadian, Terry Fox, Canadian Hero
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Terry Fox, Ontario, 1970's, Country & Western


Side 1

Track Name
The Courage of Terry Fox
Truckin' Through the North
You've Got the Colours of a Rainbow
The Movie Has Ended
Comes a Time When You're Needing a Friend

Side 2

Track Name
I Wonder What They're Singing Up There
A Few Words from Elvis
The Mini Skirt is Gone and I'm Crying
Viens Doncs Coucher Avec Moi
I Left the Door to Heaven Open


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St. Denis, Joe - The Courage of Terry Fox

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St. Denis, Joe - The Courage of Terry Fox

Joe st denis the courage of terry fox front clipped

The Courage of Terry Fox


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Joe St. Denis: vocals
Greg Galbrath: lead guitar
Harold MacIntyre: rhythm guitar
Sonny Garish: steel guitar
Jack Ross: bass
Jerry Kroon: drums
Bunky Keeles: piano
Kate Sisters: background vocals

Produced by Larry Coad
Engineered by Gene Rice
Recorded at Waxworks Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Today is the 30th anniversary of the day Terry Fox, the most inspirational Canadian, set out on his journey of hope. There have been many musical tributes done to Terry over the years.
Other songs about Terry Fox:

Wiz Bryant, the pride of Penticton wrote "Terry's Song", found on LP "Timberline", on TMC Records TMC-8002.
Al Davis & the Mounties - "The Man Named Terry Fox", a 45 released on Popco Records 45812S, Vancouver, released in 1981.
Rod Stewart - Never Give Up On Your Dream
Band "Terry Fox's Right Leg", punk, later became Genetic Control.
Homegrown - "Terry", written by Bonnie Hind. The 45 was distributed to Canadian radio stations as a fundraiser, with french and english versions.
Vern Kennedy - "Run, Terry Run", a 45 released in 1980.
David Leask - Run Fox Run.
Billy Andrusco - "The Terry Fox Story", a 45 released on Globe G 1005.
Morn'n Sun - Terry (A Tribute to Terry Fox), a 45 released on Condor 1001
Ken Munshaw - "The Terry Fox Song".
Russ Conway - "Terry Fox Story".
Bob Sheppard - Good Luck Terry Fox, produced by Michal Hasek, Naja Inc. NAJA-455, a 45 released in 1980
Shadrock Porter, originally from Guyana - Crown Him Hero!, 12" released in 1983 on Stacy Records SNP 533
Joe St. Denis, of North Bay, Ontario - "The Courage of Terry Fox", released on Burco BRLP 80753.


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