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Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - Wry and Ginger

Format: LP
Label: McGill Recording Service MRS Records LPM 7
Year: 1958
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: theatre, Soundtrack, Musical, Television
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Madly Madly Madly Montréal
How About a Honeymoon on the Moon?
Down With Vice
Guardians of Your Liberty
Don't Fret
Wilde, Wilde West
Once a Year in Calgary
Take For Example Me

Side 2

Track Name
Indian Rag
Don't Be So Suspicious
How, Ugh and Um
Up 'Till Now
To Hold My Love
Jazz Suite
On a Southern Shore



Wry and Ginger

Soundtrack   wry and ginger front

Wry and Ginger


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"WRY AND GINGER" (1958) RARE Canadian Musical Follow-up to 'My Fur Lady' - 'FUR LADY", presented by The Red and White Revue of McGill University (Montréal) became a surprise smash hit when it debuted in 1957. There was a demand for a recording, and that recording eventually became one of the most collectable of its kind in the country. It is still a much sought after title by show buffs everywhere. (It also introduced the first theatre work of Galt MacDermott).

In 1958, McGill tried again with yet another original musical. This one is called "WRY AND GINGER" and it too inspired an Original Cast Recording, and was only the second such album ever made in a country not noted for cast albums. It was to become even rarer than MY FUR LADY and this is only the second copy this inveterate collector has ever seen.

The show was Directed by GORDON ATKINSON and Choreographed by HEINO HEIDEN. Book and Lyrics are by CHISTOPHER DOBSON, STAN HARTT and IRVING WOLFE. Music by JERRY HOROVITCH and RICHARD NOTKIN with additional music by PIERRE PERRON. Choral Direction by LUCY ATKINSON.

The Cast Album was recorded on January 25th, 1958.

Three of the actors in this production - all then in their teens - went on to estabish successful careers in movies, television and stage - MARILYN LIGHTSTONE, LIANNE MARSHALL and most successful of all, PAUL HECHT. Hecht appeared on Broadway in THE ROTHSCHILDS, 1776, NOISES OFF, and many others. He is still working today, and has appeared in every entertainment media there is. On this album his song is ONCE A YEAR IN CALGARY. Liane sings UP 'TILL NOW and Marilyn sings ON A SOUTHERN SHORE.


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