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Shuffle Demons - Greatest Hits

Format: CD
Year: 2005
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: jazz
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://theshuffledemons1.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-hits


Track Name
The Shuffle Monster
Spadina Bus
Gabi's Gimi Suit
Out Of My House Roach
Hockey Night In Canada Theme
East Berlin Angst
Pavin' My Road
Perry's Groove
12 Beer My Dear
Cheese On Bread
The Funkin' Pumpkin
Personal Blues
Yukon Girl
Stop The Rot
Blues For You
Shuffle Groove
What Do You Want?


A1219328319 10

Greatest Hits


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The Shuffle Demons were always about the convergence of top notch musicianship & crowd pleasing antics, combining jazz, bop rap, free jazz, poetry & performance art into a musically audacious and visually stimulating show. It was a wild ride!

The Demons played 1000s of sold out shows in Canada and Europe, traversing the country and the continent no less than 15 times from 1986-1997, building up a solid fan base that to this day will never forget the music and the antics...stopping traffic with the famous 'Spadina Bus ' walk around, playing a Mingus tune and really meaning it, thrashing around the stage in crazy interpretive 'Roach Death' dance, delivering the classic poem 'What do you Want?'

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From our first gig busking in 1984 at Toronto's Eaton Centre to playing for 50,000 at the Montréal Jazz Festival, we always felt that each show was unique, and each fan and band member was part of something special. The interactions with the crowd during our walk arounds and our no holds barred performances captured the imagination of a whole generation of concert goers, and spawned many a jazz career. We're happy we got a chance to do it then, and glad that this compilation of our most memorable tunes is available now. None of this music could have been possible without the support of our fans, friends, families, fellow musicians, the media, agents, festivals and club owners and we thank you all!!

The music on this Greatest Hits compilation was taken from 4 classic Shuffle Demons albums released from 1986 to 1993. We've tried to squeeze all the demon favourites onto this CD, but alas some just didn't make the cut.

Enjoy this collection demonically and as we used to say ' Keep Shuffling!'


Richard Underhill
Dave Parker
Mike Murley
Perry White
Stich Wynston
Jim Vivian
George Koller

Richard Underhill - alto, bari sax
Dave Parker - tenor sax
Mike Murley - tenor sax
Perry White - tenor sax
Stich Wynston - drums
Jim Vivian - bass
George Koller - bass


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