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Shuffle Demons - Alive in Europe

Format: 2CD
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://theshuffledemons1.bandcamp.com/album/alive-in-europe-volume-1


Disc 1

Track Name
The Boys of Maple Syrup
The Opening Tune
Pavin' My Road
Pipe Dream
Scraggle from the Dirt Bog
Demon Reggae
Bemsha Swing
Awaken the Sfinks
Gabi's Gimi Suit
Out of My House
The Girl From Impanema meets T-shirt Salesman from Canada at the Cafe Du Congo
Low Life
Les Gars de Syrop d'Erable

Disc 2

Track Name
Ankles of a Pi
Brownskin Girl
Barmp your Horn
Les enfants de Trudeau (medley)
Culture House
Cheese on Bread
Happy Birthday, John Zorn
Wed Night Prayer Meeting
Spadina Bus
Low Life
Free Mouth Adventure
Another Story
Everything is still OK


A2204652746 10

Alive in Europe


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Recorded during two years of European travel, the energy and creative enthusiasm of their concerts is conveyed wonderfully. There are paragraphs about the venues, the travel, and the food of their six tours. The music displays their wide range of talents, but most of all their enthusiasm for their profession! Many new songs join the array of tunes from Streetniks through What Do You Want. The entire album is framed by the repeating 'boys of maple syrup' refrain.

© 1992 Shuffle Demon Productions
Recorded Live in Europe from 1990-1992

Cover: Photos - Rick McGinnis, Design - Peter Dako

Demon Richard Underhill - alto/bar sax, lukophone, accordian, vocals
Demon Dave Parker - tenor sax, vocals, dance, map work
Demon Perry White - tenor/bari sax, vocals, fun
Demon George Koller - acoustic bass, mandolin, accordian, vocals, howls, roach death
Demon Stich Wynston - drums, percussion, vocals, dance, roach death


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