Schriebman sympathetic ear front


Flivva - The Name Is Schreibman - Sympathetic Ear

Format: LP
Label: Dog Records DOG 001
Year: 1978
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, glam, cabaret
Value of Original Title: $30.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Canadian Oddities


Side 1

Track Name
Bedroom of flies
Northern Girls
The Ritz
Man in Black

Side 2

Track Name
The Maids
Streetcar Hearse
Nobody Knows you When you’re Down and Out



Phillip Schreibman - The Sympathetic Ear - Case #36 The Flivva Tapes

Schriebman sympathetic ear front

The Name Is Schreibman - Sympathetic Ear


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Recorded live at Frank's Place on November 12, 1976, this is a fascincating Toronto underground private press combining elements of glam, punk, even cabaret. Menacing rock similar to John Cale (Heartbreak Hotel) and David Bowie (Diamond Dogs). The world-famous Michael Brook's (Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Jon Hassel, etc.) first recording venture, playing a fierce lead guitar on the wild standout track 'Streetcar Hearse', Andy James Paterson (The Government, Toronto) and Phillip Schreibman (The Big Red). Phillips Schreibman wrote an autobiographical book in 1998 called 'My Cat Saved My Life', about how his cat, Alice, helped him pull through a bout of depression. It was published by Dog's Bark Publishing in Toronto. He also wrote the theme song for the Canadian TV series 'Seeing Things, starring Louis Del Grande, which ran from 1981-1987.

Michael Brooks is inventor of the famous 'infinite guitar', "that is essentially his superior answer to the E-Bow. It gives the guitarist infinite sustain, with a controllable breaking point where the guitar goes into screaming overtone feedback. Unlike the E-Bow, it does not require the guitarist to hold any devices, and with both hands free great expressiveness can be achieved. Wishing to maintain the mystique, Brook is reluctant to discuss exact technical details, but apparently the infinite guitar works electronically, rather than mechanically, by feeding some of the output of his Tokai Strat back into the guitar."

There is a classified ad in the back of issue No.5 of Shades Magazine (August 1979) that says the following:

"FLIVVA'S album (sympathetic ear), a limited Dog 001 release, it still available at Sam's, Records on Wheels, Record Peddler, Millwheel, Canadian Spaces, Beachside Records Works and specially Cheap Thrills (Phil says buy here!). Peter Goddard said it was "a stunning work", "classy and controlled decadence". John Heimbecker, CKMS FM called it "rock and roll for the enlightened eighties", and "the best debut since QUEEN". Wilder Penfield referred to its "first rate songs" as "sardonic". SHADES No.4 encouraged Phil Schreibman to say lots fo things for himself. So don't miss it and then be sorry you did."

He lives in California. Read more here:

Museum of Canadian Music


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