Norman, Don & the Other Four - The Bounce b/w All Of My Life

Format: 45
Label: MGM K13562
Year: 1966
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: garage
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, The Garage, Rock Room, 1960's


Disc 1

Track Name
The Bounce

Disc 2

Track Name
All Of My Life



Don Norman & the Other Four - The Bounce b/w All Of My Life


The Bounce b/w All Of My Life


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Don Norman was quite a figure on the Ottawa rock 'n roll teen scene. He began performing in 1961 with his first band called the Continentals. In 1962 he moved on to the Jades. In 1963 he joined the Esquires but was subsequently kicked out. Gary Comeau joined the Strangers in 1960, but by late '62 he was in the Esquires. His stint with Don Norman And The Other Four was very short, and he left the band after recording the "Bounce" before joining the Townsmen. Both Don and Gary knew each other from being in the Esquires. When they left, they joined Brian Dewherst on drums, Bill Hellman on Bass, John Mathews on sax, and Ron Greene on organ (a long time pal of Don Norman's). Gary played lead guitar and sang, Don Norman was the lead vocalist. The band became known as Don Norman And The Other Four.

With the help of local Ottawa radio personality John Pozer, they released one single on Quality records subsidiary, Barry Records ("The Bounce "b/w " "All Of My Life"). Poor distribution led to Pozer creating Sir John A records. This is the first unnofficial Sir John A production. This being the rare U.S. pressing of the single on MGM. "The Bounce" is a raunchy and pounding cover of the Olympics dance tune from the early 60's. The B side is an original Don Norman tune - done in a Bob Dylan-ish vocal style-but musically it's loud with great harmonica and guitar & keyboard work.


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