Melchior alias st


Melchior Alias - ST

Format: LP
Label: Capitol 70024
Year: 1969
Origin: Québec
Genre: psych
Value of Original Title: $550.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Francophone, Quebec, Greatest Canadian Album Covers, Psych, 1960's, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Chu mnu en metro automatique
Moto perpetuo
Itineraire 9
Triste Narcisse

Side 2

Track Name
Une facon de parler
L’espace d’un ete
Totor Melchior
Non, rien de mieux



Melchior Alias - ST


Melchior Alias - ST


Melchior Alias - ST

Melchior alias st



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Here is the holy grail of Québecois psych-freak marijuana recordings. Melchior Alias Montréal Act recorded this album in 1969, induced by hallucinogens with Peter Tessier providing the sound Engineering. Have a listen to their version of Oh Canada (No, Rien de Mieux translates no, nothing of better).

The collection of freak tracks written in Montreal, Vancouver, Paris, Val-Morin, and Percé when mixed with marijuana is amongst the most fascinating French Canadian recordings of all time. They only recorded this album and one single.

Under the musicale direction of Robert Goulet (guitare); Denis Lepage (piano, orgue, clavecin, congas); Serge Blouin (basse); Melchior Alias...(guitare, seche, celesta, flute, soprano); Peter Tessier (ingenieur du son); Terry Brown (mixage); Michel Perotta (assistant a la productio); Pierre Dubord (directeur de la production); Jacques Cartier (maquette).

Front cover and back photos was by ROMPRE. Chu mnu en metro automatique was written in Paris on March 30, 1969. The gatefold artwork is astounding. The presentation opens your mind to the experimentation a la production, a la folie, au tricotage, aux bons et mau-vais voyages: "STONED from the SIDE" dit P.D. dit Pierre Dubord.

-Robert Williston


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