Maledictus sound on sem label


Maledictus Sound - ST

Format: LP
Label: SEM 00001 (France)
Year: 1968
Origin: France; Québec
Genre: psych, experimental, freakout, freak
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Experimental & Electronic, Quebec, 1960's


Side 1

Track Name
Kriminal Theme
The Whistler
Inside my Brain
Blues Section Club
Concerto Genocide
Transfer from the Modulation

Side 2

Track Name
Radio Pirate Program
Stupidly Made in Gaulle
Jim Clark was Driving Recklessly
Dark Sky
Crazy Circus
Art Director
Heathcliff I Cry Your Name
Monsters Cocktail



Maledictus Sound

Maledictus sound on sem label



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Les Maledictus Sound are to instrumental rock what Frankenstein was to science… a laboratory monster… a strange creature assembled from a mishmash of diverse musical sounds… psychedelic pop, romantic ballads, musical tongue-in-cheek, drugged out chipmunks, near-delirium sound effects, horror movie screamadelia and a mega-twisted 60s vibe… eclectic, epileptic… The doctor, here, is JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA, the musical mastermind who gave birth to that monster.

Originally released in 1968, this is one of the most bizarre records ever released. Put out under 5 different covers in 3 different countries (France, Italy & Canada) and also credited to L'experience 9 and Jim-Clark, it became one of the most sought after titles on the collectors market.


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