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Maledictus Sound - Attention

Format: LP
Label: Canusa CLJ 33-113
Year: 1969
Origin: France; Québec
Genre: psych, experimental, freakout, freak
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Kriminal Theme
The Whistler
Inside my Brain
Blues Section Club
Concerto Genocide
Transfer from the Modulation

Side 2

Track Name
Radio Pirate Program
Stupidly Made in Gaulle
Jim Clark was Driving Recklessly
Dark Sky
Crazy Circus
Art Director
Heathcliff I Cry Your Name
Monsters Cocktail


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Vintage Massiera madness. This is the obvious masterpiece, a soundtrack that runs from psych- pop, fucked up lounge music chalk full of sound effects, bizarre Les Baxter-isms, and is heavily steeped in all of the 60's production excesses. This record is to progressive rock what Frankenstein was toscience'. So maybe it would be more valid to name-tag this disc something like “psychedelic exotica”, “freak beat a Go-go”, “progressive lounge muzak”, “spaceage pop delirium”, “horror funk screamadelia” or even “freaky easy listeningrock” if you like, it is just all in there. Le Maledictus Sound is one of those vinyl artifacts falling into the category ‘cool and strange music' recorded obviously in a hallucinatory state of mind. It is addictively groovy and brimmingover with fuzzy guitars, squeaky moog, huge drums, strings and all kind of strange vocal weirdness, a delirious mix of funky French vibes and best Italian Library sound! Originally released 1968 in Canada on Canusa Records. Les Maledictus Sound runs the voodoo down on insideyour already frazzled brain, echoing through the deserted canyons of your mindand injecting it with much needed spliced up and dangerously fuzzed-out sonic themes.


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